EON ARP by Modalics - Free license for now

Hi all :wave:

Modalics, who are known for Beat Scholar, have released an arpeggiator plugin, EON ARP (Free license for now).

Worth checking out.

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Thanks for the link. I’m checking it out now. One thing I don’t see is a way to have it sync to the DAW. It seems independent. That can’t be right can it?

Definitely no issues here with DAW sync. Working with the latest versions of Bitwig Studio, Ableton Live and Cubase 12 Pro - I’m on Win10… You are triggering the arp with MIDI input right? (Or using the Chords Section - change input to FILE instead of EXT - select what you like and it’ll sync on playback without MIDI input. Make sure the PLAY button is active in the Chord section - Right side of the chord browser)

Hope this helps.