ERROR: Unable to verify email - please help

I purchased Scaler a couple of years ago and have used it without issue since then. That is, until a few minutes ago when I kept getting white noise as if it was a demo, followed by a message in my Scaler 2 plugin window in my DAW (Logic Pro) telling me I needed to purchase a license or upload my license file and input my email address.

However, I keep getting the following error after doing so (and I did input my email address in all lower case letters per the instructions):

I have also deleted Scaler 2 from my system and reinstalled it with the same results.

I hope someone can assist me. Thank you.

Hi @musiquedereve

make sure the email address is the same as your Plugin Boutique account.

You can also try downloading the license file again from the Plugin Boutique website.

Hi Ed - yes it is the same email and I have downloaded the license file numerous times as I would delete it after deleting Scaler 2, restarting my computer, then downloading the license file again and reinstalling Scaler 2 and still get the error

Please send me your email address in a private message and I will check from here

Had the same issue I kept installing the previous versions of scaler 2 as it showed up as default 2.6.0 so I went to the drop down menu and installed the latest version which is 2.7.2 at the time and it solved the issue hope this helps anyone!