"Essential Neo-Riemannian Theory for Today's Musician" A Master's Thesis

Here’s a link to a Master’s Thesis on Neo-Reimannian Theory I found and thought it would be of interest for Scaler users.



Thank you! This will be and interesting read!

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This is a great document and you can follow along with scaler 2.4 using the patterns suggested here…


Hi folks! First post on the forum, and I’m a brand new user of Scaler 2, just updated to 2v4.
My background is in Rock and Jazz Music Theory, trained in the mid '80’s, so I just missed the development of Neo-Riemannian Theory and am playing catch up a bit. Thanks for the links!

Also, just wanted to field the first question to @davide , how difficult would it be to have as a feature update the ability to populate the Scale and Chord Naming Lists with a user-selectable list of alternate names?

The reason I ask is that according to the Name Aliases available on what may be one of the best Web Resources for Music Theory - the composer Ian Ring’s “The Exciting World of Music Theory” (The Exciting Universe Of Music Theory) the names for essentially the same scale can vary by culture and musical/genre background enough that it might be a useful feature to add.

Also, I’m developing a new naming convention that is an improvement on the older system by including the Scale Family or System Name as part of the name, so that it’s easier to see the relationships between different scales when composing around those Modes that are distinct from the ones found in the Diatonic System (which would now be called Diatonic Ionian, Diatonic Dorian, etc.). If I could find a way of implementing that within Scaler 2+ that would be awesome!

Is it within the range of possibility that I should post this as a request to the New Features area of the forum or start a new thread on it?
Thanks in advance of any replies.



Welcome to the Scaler forum. Thanks for the interesting website. I’d not seen it before.

I find Scaler’s naming convention to be good and it has improved in the relatively short time I’ve been using it. Where it varies from my usual names, I’ve adapted to Scaler. That said, adding a user naming convention would certainly be a good feature, but I’m not sure what kind of features/befits the developers would find in it. Scaler’s development team has been responsive to good ideas and have added significant improvements to Scaler with each iteration.

Take care for now. :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome @BillsyBainbridge - we are looking into user customisability and potentially display names could be altered. Something we would cleaner on toward the end of the year. Thanks for feedback.

Thank you for the response! If the scales and also chord names and functional names (ii, IV, etc.) could have Aliases applicable this would facilitate different Music Theory Analyses, which can come up with not just with Diatonic Harmony, but Modal Harmony and Blues Harmony (as described by the musician, composer, and Music Theorist James Knapp, and others).

This would have a beneficial impact on the way Scaler 2+ can be applied in a composer’s context, as that would allow a smoother shift when trying out experimental composition also.

In addition, after looking at other compositional aid software, it is clear that being able for software to utilize OSC or similar in addition to MIDI 2.0 as a software interoperability aid would benefit the expansion of Music Theory Contextualized Audio FX (which until now is an untapped resource except in the realm of University-level music programming).

Anyway, thanks for the response, and enjoying what I’m seeing so far in Scaler 2! :slight_smile: