Excessive load time when there are many saved user chord sets

I’ve been using the great little tool written by joanroig to batch convert midi chords progressions into Scaler chord sets and now that I have converted what I have and imported them into Scaler, Scaler is taking an excessive amount of time to load, in the region of 20-30 seconds. This is on a Ryzen 5600 with 16 Gb ram and NVME SSD, and it loaded quickly prior to this.

Full disclosure…I realise that the amount of chord sets I have saved (~7000) is the issue and the workaround is to remove them and only use what I need at a given time, but I thought I’d mention it here in case it’s something that the Dev’s can solve in a future release. It seems that Scaler does a full scan of the User chord set folder on each load, rather than creating a dynamic database that is referenced for changes, ideally after the plugin is loaded and working, such as with Native Instruments plugins, or Waves Cosmos sample browser, for example.