Expanded display in sections a b and c

It would be nice if we could get an optional display of 4 rows of 8 chords in sections A and C and possibly the same in section B chord variations. It would be easier to then drag and drop all the possible chords in relation ones already in the sequence. But definitely section C needs reworking between the 4 bars.

Yes, this is something we are working on for Scaler 2. So far we have been thinking to make it an infinite scroll with no more sections but the ability to drag anywhere (before, after, in-between).

Regarding section B, instead of having to display lots of chords all the time we are figuring out ways to find related chords more efficiently and adding filtering so you can see only what you need.

For section A, I never thought about it because most of Scaler’s content fit into the design, but I think we could have a view where the whole list of chord is shown on screen.
I know the detection can sometimes lead to massive list of chords, and I have seen some users use the custom chord sets as a way to keep their favorite voicings in a massive lists of chords. It could help with those two things.