Experimental Mode - How about multiple instrument sounds mapped across Scaler's keyboard?

While I suspect some already do this with multi-instruments w/in their DAW, it would be great if we could apply different instruments to different areas of the Scaler keyboard. Scaler’s natural ability to combine different playing modes seems a good fit for letting people explore sound combinations while they explore chords and notes.

While I know Scaler is “tuned” for each of it’s instruments and keeping existing fidelity would be tough, I for one would love a simple “experimental mode” allowing us to create hybrid instruments on the fly. So for example I could play a marimba over a synth bassline inside Scaler.

Ideally it would let us pick and choose how we want to combine existing Scaler sounds knowing full well that in “experimental instrument mode” the sounds would be not optimized and keyboard mappings would be limited. The existing chord editor UX would be a natural for picking and choosing what sounds are mapped to what keys.

I consider this sketch mode, letting us explore ideas within Scaler and giving us a sonic approximation before we set off into our DAW to create the final sound design.

Thanks dev team!

Personally, I don’t think it’s important. Unless you want to play live.
If it’s just computer editing.
You can drag and drop the chord MIDI of scaler to the track, and each track is a different instrument.
I personally think that the most important thing for scale now is to put in more sentences, improve the performances, and let everyone finish the music quickly.
From intro to verse and Chorus
According to music classification.
I think the most important value of scale is to make music quickly and save time for everyone