Experimental Noir Track

An experimental track, somewhat noir-like. Scaler chords with Divisimate channel sends.


Awesome vibes, good work @jamieh !

Did you use any of the Scaler instruments/sounds in this?

Thanks! I did not use any Scaler internal sounds. I used Scaler for the chord progression fed to Divisimate to divide the notes into various combinations.
Instrument list —
Arturia Minifreak
Olafur Arnalds Chamber Strings
Pathfinder Cello
Heavyocity Vocalise 3 X 2
OT Bass Flute Longs
Sonokinetic Toll (Church Bells)
NI Noire Piano
Untamed Percussion (Tapping on a Cello)
Untamed Brass
Upright Bass Drum (Tapping on Upright Bass)
Ample Bass Acoustic
Ghost Cello
VSL Triple Horn
A few Bongo and finger snap loops.
VSL Hybrid Reverb

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Really great Noir feel. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

I listened to this on your Bandcamp site in my attempts to pick up mixing and composition tips from selected sources. Great atmosphere !.