[EXPIRED Nov. 24, 2021] Free Mastering Plugin from Plugin Alliance (yes it is free)

Free Masterdesk
This is an excellent mastering plugin that is free through November 24th. You’ll need an account there but that’s easy. I use this on a lot and highly recommend it.
Until November 24: Get bx_masterdesk Classic for FREE! Use Code: BX-FOR-FREE


I think the site is disingenuous and would probably break advertising rules in the EU.

The video flashes ‘free’ in big letters, and makes no reference to the limited use. It is completely unclear as to whether the BX-FOR-FREE code is a limited time code for a free offer (same wording used at Plugin Boutique for limited free offers) or time limited usage.

“Until November 24: Get bx_masterdesk Classic for FREE! Use Code: BX-FOR-FREE”

Anyone would read that as meaning the offer was limited, not the usage; there is no qualifier after the words ‘free’, and no preferable term to any other product on the web site

Even that is not correct, as if you call the VST up, it indicates it expires in 13 days i.e. not the 24th. Note that

“You can try all our products for 14 days”
So the fact that you get to use it for 14 days is not some wonderful deal for this product, as it applies to everything.

It’s also unclear as to the point of the code - there is no place to enter this anywhere.

It appears to be one of those scams where the word “free” is in 70 point text and the “for 14 days” is in a 2 point font.

I wouldn’t waste time with ts download…

[ added later : as you will see from a post below I was in error here, and was confused by the checkout system. Full grovelling to @jamieh.]

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You are totally wrong on almost all of this. Allow me to explain. Plugin Alliance allows you to demo any of their products at any time for 14 days. No strings attached other then you need an account.
This special offer for Masterdesk is that you can get it free up to and including November 24th.
Totally separate from the 14 day trial. You add it to your cart. You then go to your cart and enter the code in the coupon/voucher box and choose APPLY.
When you do the the price drops from $149 to Zero. Download the plugin (if you haven’t already) install. When you load it into your DAW you sign into your account, it sees that you now own Masterdesk and it is activated. This is a great plugin for mastering or beefing up ones tracks. The fact, and I do say fact, that it is free is a cool thing if you ask me. You may notice the name says Masterdesk Classic. This means, no doubt they are updating the plugin and are offering the classic version free.
Here are the simplified steps —

Go to check out —
Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 1.03.02 PM

Apply voucher code - in this case BX-FOR-FREE. The price on checkout drops from $149 to ZERO!

As you can see it will show up in your account as a full license –

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I bought this last year. It is legit. Regular customers receive these offers occasionally.

I didn’t go further than the cart, which is what led me to construe a different interpretation of the wording. Oooops :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (if there is a red face, I can’t find it …)

So please forgive me if my post came over as a criticism of your flagging this . it was purely about the construct of this promotion which in my view overstepped the line into “misleading” territory’

Downloaded and installed
Thanks for letting us know, Jamieh

No worries but I did want to make it clear Plug-in Alliance is a great site with amazing deals. Never pay full price because they always go on sale plus you are rewarded for buying. When you spend you get monthly vouchers worth
$25 or more which you can usually combine with other offers (unless it’s a new item). More bang for the buck.


That is awesome. Code worked perfectly. THANK YOU for sharing! Mark

The masterdesk is a great plugin. This version is a stripped back (classic) version to the full release which has some particularly useful narrow notch filters and a great mono and midside width section. It all does have a particular sound which I avoid for more established artists whom would notice the colour. Really good for a quick polish and makes for an alternative to the usual limiters.

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Thanks for checking it out so I don’t have to. The Large Print: “Free Software,” the small print, “not really free.”

I know they make good products. I’m sure the full version is good. Demo versions are a good way to see if you like a product. What I don’t like is an offer of “free software” that isn’t.

Yes. The offer has long since expired.
If you look at the first post you will see the date