Exporting current state from cubasis to my desktop?

i have a scaler track in cubasis 3. i have created a pattern with given/suggested chords. i would like to keep working on the project in Cubase…Cubase now allows you to import a cubase project EXCLUDING 3rd party plugins…
i tried this: save a scaler session incubasis , copied the file to my mac
opened a scaler track in cubase and went to USER and tried to use IMPORT …but nothing happens.
there must/should be a way to export out a scaler session\state so that i can use all my patterns and such in a scaler instance in cubase (or standalone version)

You can export Scaler State and Airdrop it to yourself iPad to Mac. Then import it into Scaler in Cubase. I’ve done it myself several times.
Are you exporting the Scaler State or saving the Cubasis project for import? Your best bet is exporting the Scaler state.

i am trying to export the scaler state… I export it to the Mac destopp, and moveit to the scaler set folder…
When i try the USER - USER CHORD SETS… i don;'t see my file in the SET folder. Even with a REFRESH, its not there (but i can see it in my FINDER)
I also tried the OPEN DIRECTORY and went and clicked on the file in the SET folder…
nothing happens.

You should click in the logo on the upper left and choose Import. Navigate to the file and it should open.
Maybe you could post the file and we can take a look at it.

If you are exporting the Scaler state then you will need to IMPORT STATE. It is not a chord set so you will not find it in the list of User chord sets.

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ahh. maybe. as someone noted , i should be going to EXPORT STATE first from the IOS scaler logo. and then go into Cubase on my desktop and use IMPORT from the scaler logo.
someone mentioned that i was only saving chord sets ….
i’ll get back to you people. :slight_smile: