Expressions and Time Signature

it seems they’re all in duple meter, 4/4. How do I find the ones in triple meters, 6/8 or 3/4?


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Coming! There’s a few other thread on this. Hope to have some 6/8 and 3/4s for Scaler 2.1 or 2.2!


wow! this is on version 2 and no triple meter patterns :astonished:

glad you’re on it

There were no expressions in the original Scaler , this feature is new and unique to Scaler 2.Of all of my phrase based software libraries (and I think I own most of all of them ever made) there are very few outside of 4/4. Look at whom I consider to be the best : Sonokintetic
How many non 4/4 do you see there?

cool. time for you to make Scaler rise above the rest :wink:


I make meditation music and would like to make more 5/4 tracks for meditation counting to 10 (its a thing)…

Welcome @Tony253
Coming in Scaler 2,1. Watch this space.

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I am not directly talking about Scaler 2 here, but with other software, there is a somewhat time consuming work around… you run your process, (virtual instrument output) in 4/4. You then go in and cut out every 4th beat, and slide the rest of the midi notes (or sounds as long as they are not ringing out) forward… Yes, this is a drag, but it does work… and sometimes I’ve found it really makes a difference in my desired outcome.

Yes there are plenty of ways to adopt time signatures if you have the knowledge and there are some nice assisted ways like swing which can also help and we are looking to incorporate into scaler. for now 5/4 12/8 6/8 3/4 expressions inbound, new ones to not adapted from current expressions. Lots more content inbound too.


There is at least 1 or 2 in there now that are in 3. Mysteria is one of those.