Expressions mostly play just triads

Not sure if this is a feature or a bug - or some missing setting I need to able. I just noticed that almost all of the expressions just play triad notes . There are a couple that include extensions over extended chords. Can someone clarify. If this is intended - then my feature request is for expressions to utilize extensions.

I would like a little more control over this as well. Sometimes there is a bit too much dissidence for what I am trying to do.

Performances play only the notes of the chord you feed it. Be it a triad or extended chords.
Phrases break down the chord you feed scaler to a triad and then play a melodic phrase made up of scale notes or chord extensions.
Rhythms as performances.
Hope that clarifies.

My point being, that even if I feed it an extended chord - most of the performances just play triads and avoid the extensions. A couple do play the extension notes. I might try some more experiments to clarify the behavior.

So after experimenting - it seems a lot of the performances only respond to three notes. So with extended chords, what gets played depends on the literal voicing in the chord editor AND the settings of VOICE GROUPING. So there is room for a bit of tweaking in the code in how PERFORMANCES handle larger chords.

I think there is some confusion here. Performances will only play whatever notes you feed it. Think of them as a type of arpeggio based on how a pianist would play a chord. Remember if you have VOICE GROUPING turned on then that will override your voicing with its global setting. See attached:
Oct-16-2020 08-00-27


You just proved my point - look at the chord you are feeding in (Cmin13 - 7 notes) - and look which notes the performance is using (C D# G) - The TRIAD.

Sorry for the confusion is mine, yes we break whatever you play down to triads as we need too be able to adapt what a pianist has played across any chord type you play. Rhythms will play all your chord tones and Phrases as I mentioned above.

I don’t get it , when I look at the above video it seems to be playing all the seven notes , not all at once , but with any performance it is making arpeggiated riffs from the chords or scale tones? Whenever I make patterns I assumed and it sounds like its playing all the notes in each extension or you wouldn’t hear the colour of the chord. Everything would just be Major minor Augmented or diminished?