Expressions not working

Watching Davide’s Write an entire track on Youtube,, but I cannot get the expressions to work on the Juno bass. It hits the first note, but then the following expressive notes are very faint, unlike the video where the notes ring out. I have it set up in Reaper as Carbon Electra and scaler as FX. Great learning video!!!

You sure the patch on the Juno is Poly and not Mono? Many Bass patches are oft times mono.

Yes it’s definitely mono as it’s a bass patch. I do it exactly as Davide desrcibes in the video but don’t get the results he gets. In fact it seems as the expression function is not working at all.Thanks

Alright, I see what David did and duplicated that in Ableton with a mono Jupiter 8 Bass patch and the same rhythm he used. It works the way it should work here. If I get a chance I’ll try reaper.

Just create a Scaler track in Reaper and did what David did to get MIDI and routed Scaler to a track with a mono Jupiter 8 bass and it works as in the video. I’ll see if I can set it as an FX track.

ADDENDUM: I cannot add Scaler as a MIDI FX in Reaper as far as I can see. Maybe it’s a Mac thing. I have Scaler on it’s own track send to the Jupiter on it’s own track and that works fine.

So you bring the midi notes from the original track, add scaler and then route it to the Carbon Electra track? Thanks

Everything except Carbon Electra. I don’t own that. But any synth with a mono patch should be the same. I used Jupiter 8. Everything else was the same. MIDI from Scaler out to track. Delete all notes except for the low notes. Same expression patch. Have you tried any other synths or routings? Does the expression play inside of Scaler to its own sounds?

Thanks so much Jamieh, I finally got it to work. Cheers!!