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Hi everyone,
in Scaler2 when clicking on “PERFORMANCE” (or PHRASE etc…) I am not getting any more specific options to choose from in a drop down menu as shown in a tutorial.
Thanks for any suggestions…!

Are you meaning these – After you choose a catagory the various elements are listed under it —

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not sure if you got my massage yesterday.
The drop down you showed on your screen shot does work. But I cant get EXPRESSIONS on the top line as shown in tutorials. I cant select it on the list. Only PERFORMANCES, PHRASES etc…

Thank you!

Hi @Oliver1 and welcome,

which tutorial are you referring?
What is the expression name you want to select and can’t find?

Depending on the version of Scaler used in the tutorial you are following, the content hierarchy may have been since adjusted to ease the structural understanding of it. All the content previously available remains available so you will be able to find the same content, as in your tutorial.

So in the latest version of Scaler you can first choose the Type of Articulations (choosing between sub-types Arpeggio or Strumming) or the type of Expressions (choosing between sub-types Performances, Phrases, Rhythms, Bass or Melody)

Then once you choose a “sub-type” from this list (in the example I choose the Performances Expressions)
You can browse the content inside the selected “sub-type” by clicking on the second drop-down menu.

In this example, I choose the “Accento” which is a Performance sub-type from the Expression type.

Hope that this explanation helps you.
If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

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Hi Paul,
thank you so much for your time! I did have a feeling that it must be a sort of misunderstanding…I kind of got stuck with looking at the different hierarchy in my version.
So yes, you hit the spot!
Thanks again!
you made my day :wink:

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