External Instrument Control - Reason 9.5 & 10

Issue: It is not possible to route the MIDI output from Scaler to an external instrument when used in Reason.

Unfortunately Reason 9.5 & 10 do not support MIDI routing between VST plugins.

All of Scaler’s features function normally in Reason (scale detection, chord suggestion, substitutions, etc…) but in order to get your progression played on an external instrument you will have to drag and drop the MIDI onto the track of your choice.

Workaround: Users have reported using 3rd party tools to route the MIDI output of Scaler into Reason with success. Those tools (external plugin hosts or virtual MIDI devices) allow advanced routing configuration but are not officially supported.

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This post mentions unsupported plugs-in. What are they? I’d like to get this functionality., even if it means spending a little extras.

There are at least two that have been mentioned, we haven’t tried them so I won’t be able to assist much with the setup:

The setup process should be the same for all those kind of tools, the idea is to load a “virtual host” that will contain Scaler and the synth you want to control. You send the MIDI input from Reason to the virtual host, configure it to redirect the MIDI signal to Scaler then the output of Scaler to the input of your synth.

Here’s a video talking about setting up Scaler with PatchWork https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTbnmq3tyh0

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yes i too have this problem i hope you guys make a Update , it would be way easier if it just worked , to be honest the only problem im having is that all the notes i play come out 1 note to the left in scaler vs my midi controller PLEASE make an update

Hi @Distanzia

Unfortunately this issue comes from Reason not supporting MIDI routing the same way than other DAWs.
We have contacted them and they are aware of this issue. They plan on supporting MIDI VSTs at some point but we do not have more information.

In the meantime, about your issue… Which third party plugin do you use to route the MIDI ? It sounds like the mapping is working but simply shifted by one note.

Hi Ed
I am not using any third-party plug-in as reason now supports VST‘s and recognizes scaler as an instrument , now when I open scaler it works perfectly just every time I touch a note on my midi controller the note plays one note to left inside scaler

Finally found out what it was , it was my Midi controller not Scaler or my My DAW I had a long season last night and half way through my midi controller had shifted every note to the left I noticed it was with every vst , Solución - unplug re plug the midi controller , Done ! Ty Ed

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