Extra note when releasing keys

Hi, Using Scaler version 2.3.1 , i keep getting extra notes when releasing the keys on my keyboard or my push 2 , this is making scaler unusable for me. Cannot even delete the ghost midi notes in the editor, i cannot find them.
I have tried everything to fix this but it’s a bloody nightmare

Thanks for your help.

I experience this from time to time, but it appears to be VST specific for me. For example, it tends to do it with DUNE3, but never with Omnisphere. Further, it’s not consistent even with DUNE, so triggering it again generally doesn’t produce the same effect.

I’m still auditioning patterns and getting to understand what can and can’t be done with Scaler, so it’s not really a problem, but if you are more in production, so to speak, then it’s probably more irritating.

I’ll maybe put a midi logger on (I use Bome Pro) and see if that shows up anything.

My environment is Arturia Keylab, Live 11 , Win10 Pro, MOTU M4

There might be something useful in here: Different sound/polyphony between mouse click and key press