EZ Keys 2 seems to not support modes

I decided to get EZ Keys 2 and the two Cinematic midi packs. Having carefully put together a progression in Scaler and imported it to EZ2, I could seem no way to set the mode to E Lydian, and it simply played Ionian with not a hint of a sharp 4 anywhere, even though the progression was classical Lydian.

Is this a restriction ? If so it’s a pretty big one. I could possibly do it in the Grid Editor (?) but if I had to do that for every composition I might as well stick with Scaler, which gives me many more options.

I think that is a possible restriction I’ve encountered. However I’ve found it easy to do the planning and updating in Scaler and drag and drop what I need to EZ Keys 2. The MIDI patterns in there are quite fun to platy with.