EZKeys 2 (or Scaler 2) + EW Hollywood Brass

Hi pals

I reinstalled my EW Hollywood Brass and I succeed using it driven by EZKeys 2 and Scaler 2

EZKeys 2 works better anyway, because after I assemble the series of chords I can apply styles & rhythms picked up among the many MIDI packs I have

Then adding EZDrummer and EZbass is easy, and the basic band to jam on is ready!

They sound great also, and I’ll be able to do more funky and fusion vibes to jam on then :grinning:

I also reinstalled my Garritan World Instruments and I succeed in driving it with Scaler 2, so I have my percussions again for African & Latin tunes without KK


I also have EZkeys 2 but I will always have Scaler the latest version because for me it is way easier to lay out complex chord structures and move them wherever I wish. There are many great composing tools out there. Scaler is powerful in many ways from listening to music and laying out the chord structures to giving you suggestions etc… I’ve been with Scaler since version 1 and I plan to be getting all future versions as it just gets better and better.

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Yes, indeed
Scaler can easily transfer its scales to instruments that aren’t in the same ecosystem, and I think this is one of his major strengths

The Toontrack’s for example, work finely together, but they are difficult to use with e.g. my guitar plugins, so I prefer starting from Scaler and using it to drive all them

I agree 100% I’ve Built several templates in Reaper for music production and the 1st track always has Scaler on it for laying down my chord progressions. Scaler Is my go-to for ideas its workflow is really unrivaled in my opinion.