Ezkeys + Scaler

I hope someone can help. I moved an R&B chord progression from Scaler into eZkeys but found that ezkeys didn’t recognise the exact way scaler played the chords and it didn’t sound right. I’ve tried to edit the chords in ezkeys but can’t get it sound the same. Can anyone help?

have you tried to record the chord progression in Scaler (Section C MIDI capture) before dragging it outside?

If you do that, you’ll move all possible variations you applied to the chord progression BTW
otherwise, you move just chords


have you tried to D&D the chord progression in the EzKeys Favorites area (red cross), then in the song blocks area, instead of putting them directly in the song blocks area?


Nice tip thanks Claudio!

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Thanks Claudio I’ll give it ago. The problem I’m having is when I put the chord progressions from scale into the playing area of ezkeys so I can get ezkeys to play it in the style from the browser library it doesn’t play some of the chords exactly the same way they are from Scaler. Instead of a D sharp 7 from scaler, ezkeys wont play the chord exactly note as for note from scaler in the same way and it doesn’t sound the same tonally and I can’t seem to edit it in ezkeys.

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My toy count is growing. Just bought and downloading new products for myself. :grinning:

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nice move
all their plugins are amazing
Ezkeys is a bit old anyway: I hope they’ll update it

the worse issue of Toontrack’s is that you cannot move a project made e.g. in Ezkeys to Ezbass without losing all song parts (intro, verses etc.)

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OK, let us know if you succeed

The first impression is really good. One of my best purchases to date. In addition to Scaler. :wink:

I never realised that about d&d! I also picked up ezkeys recently when one of its options went on sale. I can’t imagine we won’t get a v2. Also bought ezbass this year, now logic drummer is looking nervous!

Excuse my ignorance but what’s d&d?

Drag and Drop! I think someone used it as a shorthand earlier

yes D&D is drag and drop :grinning:

well spotted @JonSeyton

BTW, searching for “Ezkeys” in this forum, you should find some of my workflows with Scaler

oh, its not Dungeons&Dragons? LOL


he he, who knows?

never played that game anyway

Definitely the best of those three programs is the drum program. It is a very well made package. The keyboard could use an update. The bass application is also quite nice, but the drum is the best of all.

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yes, but you should try the EzBass Audio recorder: it makes miracles, quite often

My guess is we might get EZKeys2 in the next year, it seems amazing it hasn’t been changed for so long, and the other two have some strong features. I can’t decide how much better EZDrummer might be compared to Logic’s Drummer, which I already have. Budget, budget…

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many hope EZKeys2 will come out

in the meanwhile I asked to devs to add the feature to have al song parts (intro, verse, chorus etc.) transferred from a Toontrack plugin to another, so avoiding a boring reconstruction

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