F# scale missing from scales

Just got scalar 2. First time I have to use it :slight_smile: (used Suggester before) Going to use F# maj scale. But it’s not there !! Suggestion is Gb. Close but no cigar. What am I doing wrong. (DAW is Logic 10.5.1)

Hey @LBN

welcome to the forum, F# and Gb major are the same scale, simply named differently. They both use the major scale intervals and start on the F#/Gb note.

In Scaler you can access the different names by clicking on the note name in the Section B:

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That is so cool! I didn’t know that either, always learn something new :slight_smile: Not sure if it is obvious from @Ed1 's picture, but you can even click on the blue scale name in the “SCALES” list above and it also switches the naming , like so…

and then you can see it the way the OP asked for…