Fascinating gem from Ed (Development team)

In an earlier post I made a comment about the count of instances of Scaler synced together seeming anomalous in certain circumstances. Ed responded and stated that Scaler ‘leader’ instance scans not just the host in which it is running for other Scaler instances, but the whole machine. This is a little gem, IMHO.

This opens up interesting new possibilities which I will explore. Another of my posts showed a setup using MIDI Time Code to sync plugins in Ableton Live with an external host (in my case Cantabile) so that you could have consistent development and playing across the DAW and the external host.

Imagine now that we have a Scaler in an external host running ‘Hans’ from the Divisi song set. This can’t be hosted in Ableton AFAIK because the output is on different channels, and Live doesn’t support this for any track hosted VST. So we can run this in an external host, thus
sending the MIDI channel to different ports which can then be accessed in Live. [Yes, I know that Live can recognise channels from input ports, but I think doing this by ports is better - this will be discussed in another post.]

Now, this means we can host further instances of Scaler in Live and copies in both external host and Live will sync. when changes are made . Cool. Maybe I was dumb, but I didn’t realise this, and it opens up new permutations for when Live’s channel shortcomings means having one of more externally (to Live) hosted Scaler instances.

More later on this maybe, but here it is
Leader in Cantabile

and follower in Live