Fastest times together with oddest swings: amazing arpeggios for Moog and Hammond

Hi there

try this status, and you’ll see that Scaler is wonderful for synth arpeggios, going well further its apparently basic arpeggio engine

Scaler-for Hammond.xml (34.8 KB)

Put it before a Hammond plugin (or the so)
the trick is using very short times with the oddest swings

have fun

notably @Miki :grinning:

P.S: it is cool for my Moog as well, clearly

here is Moog Rock Dream State

It comes from this Scaler state

Scaler-for moog.xml (46.0 KB)

and using the Minimonsta’s Dream State pad

here is the Scaler state for guitar

Scaler-for guitar.xml (45.8 KB)

and the guitar used, in Loop mode and variable loops