"Father of the board"

Just as the UK Government calls the oldest member of Parliament “Father of the House”, I’m going t lay claim to the title of “father of the board”.

However, it pains me even to type the number out (as I am is a state of permanent disbelief) so in the very unlikely event there is a challenge to this claim, here is a simple computation
(((number of notes in a pentatonic scale+165) /2)-7)

For potential contenders who can’t be ar***d to do that, the day before Jimmy Page ( Led Zep)

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mmm I am to weak in maths to calculate the Innominate Date

So I will wrote here my age and you’ll tell me if the TITLE is still yours

68 :cold_face:

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The title is still mine, by a decade … :cry: :worried: :anguished:


I think you will be the father of the forum, without a doubt.
here 62

OK; I surrender
a :wine_glass: for you

Yeah, you are right. Only 64 on this side.

You can hang on to that title… for now.