Favorite Chords List

Is their anyway to create your own list of favorite chords within Scaler? There are many chords that just sound beautiful and are inspiring just hearing them and I often noodle around on the piano and come across a chord that sounds fantastic and I may have no idea what the chord is I just discovered. I know MANY people that do the same, so it just makes sense to have a feature to quickly add those chords like that, that you randomly come across to a favorites list. I’ve searched the manual for a few key words like ‘favorite’ as well and I don’t see anything.

For clarity, I mean a large list of chords that become a separate go-to reference within Scaler that can be played by simply selecting the chord before you then decide to add it to a progression for Scaler to process, either by drag and drop or by some other input method. A list of chords that can be organized/sorted/displayed in a number of ways including adding and sorting by custom tags you create, making it more personal.

This feature addition would definitely raise the bar.


We will get there with favouriting and updated categorisation which are priorities in a future major iteration of scaler. For now I just save chord sets in the user chord sets menu that I load and drag and drop into section C as required.