Feature request circle of

Can you please integrate the circle of fifths and fourths, to help us construct our songs better. This feature will cement scaler as one of the all time greatest plugins ever! If someone already knows please share. A diagram would help, scale, or wheel would be awesome!


Thanks for feedback, we are looking at integrating this into our modulation section. Stay tuned.


Thanks for responding, this feature is gonna be a game changer once again for this plugin! Your team is awesome! Note: if we can select chords and chord voicings based on the circle, on the fly, and be able to drag and arrange them in Scaler, wow…amazing tool, nothing on the market will touch scaler, lol. Im excited!!

And, even if you develop a separate plugin based upon the circle of fitfhs, and be able to change chord voicings while composing within the circle, composers, producers, and writers will flock to this plugin for that feature alone!, because there is nothing out there like it. But integrating thia in scaler, an already familiar platform within the production community, will elevate scaler second to none, done right, watch and see the sales boom! Thanks once again.

Oh Yes, a circle of 5ths wheel that is integrated into the chord categories would be great and so intuitive. Perhaps an icon for opening up the circle of 5ths could be added. Then the circle of 5ths could be an option in the GUI.


Rodger you read my mind! :+1:

It’s there and I am using it now. And wow we are so excited to share.


Where is it??:grin::grin: is there an update I missed, can we get a screenshot im excited!!

You’ll have to wait a few more days for a screenshot :zipper_mouth_face:

There will be more communication in the coming weeks and info on how to get into the beta etc…

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Cool, keep me posted, I was bragging about the feature to my buddies, and how scaler is about to change the game!..again.

Any screenshots yet? on the circle

You can see a demo of it in the video here: Scaler 2.0 Update


I was just about to request this. Sweet! :slight_smile: This thing is INSANE.

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