[Feature Request] Copy & Paste Chord Sets in the Progression Builder

Proposal: Add two new buttons—‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’. Or perhaps a right-click function on the slot number.

This lets you copy an entire slot (i.e. ‘1’) to another slot (i.e. ‘3’)

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Hi @jcbiffro

this is a good idea, not sure it would be widely used but we will talk about it within the team and see what can be done.


I agree with OP and Ed here. It’s a great idea which I have thought about being a user of drum machines and being able to copy pattern to pattern and then diversify is part of the workflow. As Ed says though how much of a priority is it for our users and where should it sit on the line of ‘next thing to implement’ I like it and think it could be really useful so we shall discuss and place it somewhere on that list!
EDIT and the right click method would work.

I suppose my thinking is—if you wanted to (purposely) create a repetitive 16-bar chord progression, but say, on bars 7-8 & 15-16, add minor variations/ear-candy to reduce loop fatigue and keep the listener interested, you could do it. i.e. switching a chord, adding an inversion, altering the voicing, etc.

That way, the entire progression (including amends) is handled inside Scaler. It’s easy to do in the DAW, but if you come back to your project in X time, it won’t be obvious whats different between the scaler progression and the progression you’ve modified slightly in your DAW.

Not sure what you guys have planned for v1.9 (and v2.0), but I’d agree, this wouldn’t be a high priority. A nice-to-have, if you will. OR other users just haven’t thought about using Scaler this way yet. They haven’t realised what they’re missing yet. :eyes: :grin:

I would say though…this does encourage increased usage/dependance on Scaler by managing the entire progression inside it. It’s the MIDI-editing without the GUI (think Captain Chords)

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Staying inside Scaler for as long as possible is my absolute preference. As a personal user and as a developer! So in that sense it is a priority and I totally get what you are saying.
Stay tuned!


+1. I’r really appreciate this, would improve my workflow.