Feature request: Faster flip thru presets and smoother chord edit!

First of all it should be arrows next to the user presets and the song presets, so that you don´t have to open the drop down menu if you just need to find some cool progressions or chords (like in Cthulhu).

It should be possible to go in to edit mode faster, example…Click a button named edit mode and you can just hold down a chord trigger when in bind midi mode and you can just add or remove keys to that chord on the fly, go back and forth thru the chords you have on the chord triggers and modify (one hand on the midi keyboard and the other on the mouse). way faster and it does not suck the creativity out of the chord builder process:)

Hi @Skarpstudio

This is a good idea, we have been thinking about it for the next UI refresh.
In the meantime, you can navigate quickly by using your keyboard arrows. First select a chord set by clicking to give focus to the selector, then you can use arrow-up/down to navigate.

This would be awesome, there are a couple of challenges to build it this way but I get your point, we will discuss what we can do to improve on this.

Thanks for the feedback,

I did not know about the arrow key function, great!
Can’t wait for the next update:) is there a way of making the third/sus etc be an octave higher than in a normal “triad chord” also have the option of adding an additional bass note one octave lower, all this without going in to the custom edit chord option? And maybe an option for chord stacks. The traditional way of using chord builder tools with only cluster chords is not very modern IMHO.