[Feature Request] Layout Resizing / Hidding

When you resize the plugin to its minimum value, its height is still too large.
Could you please add a switch to hide all the parts except for the Header the Instrument Panel.
Like this, Im not obliged to close the plugin in order to see and edit the chord progression in Ableton Live.

Hi @phil71

have you already updated to the latest version? There is a smaller minimum size in Scaler 1.7.


I’m on 1.7.
Are you talking about something other than the two resizing corners!?

Ok, we will try to make the minimum size even smaller in the next patch.

Thanks for reporting the issue,

I was talking about a switch to hide everything except for the Header and the Instrument Panel!

The font size is already too small at minimum size on a 1080 resolution screen!

This is not possible to add in the short term, but we will keep this in mind for the next UI update.


Ok. I see you are focusing on new features which is nice :slight_smile:

When you will switch to the UI/workflow enhancement side of Scaler, please think about minimizing the the number of mouse clicks. My request above was just about that. A partial hiding of Scaler will prevent me from closing and reopening Scaler which is very cumbersome in Live.

But that’s just nice to have things!

Ok. Good luck for devopment of your amazing app. It is very useful for my learning of music theory.

Bonnes fêtes de Pâques!