Feature request: midi channels


could you please give scaler
a midi-channel option, so that it can be used
on multi-channel instruments in logic pro.

so far scaler always sends on midi channel 1.

thank you.

Hi @okok

it is on the todo list, as it has been requested before. We will get to it,

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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hi ed

has this now been included in scaler2? can’t find it.

thank you.


Will this handle Divisi ?

Cubase is lacking any kind of way of making divisi…
( only one i found is an external/virtual midi loop to a Max instance running a divisi patch… which is not really “quick workflow” friendly )

I this can do first note > 1, second 2, third 3 and so on…
that would be sooo helpfull for previewing 3 or 4 part strings writing with kontakt banks !

I think a big midi overhaul is due but it will take a while to get it right and not make it an afterthought. In the meantime there are several workarounds, some take you out of the ecosystem but still 100% effective. I think we have to focus on refining the big features we have and making Scaler 2 more accessible to all in the interim