Feature Request - Note/Slot time duration and Slot Patterns

I just purchased the V1.8 release of the package. Very Nice!

I am not a keyboard guy (I actually play Sax) so the creative side of the VST is nice but I do have a few feature requests:

  1. Allow each chord placed in a slot to be held for selected period of time or counts (time - like 4 measures of quarter, half or whole notes. Right now all notes default to the set count after the pattern is copied to the DAW). This allows the user to write the chord passages like they will actually occur when moved to the DAW,

  2. Allow for “patterns” in the slots for how the chords should be played. For strings and other instruments various types of consistent patterns for the string section could be assigned to the chords in the slots. This type of feature is in Apples garage band for iPad where say the strings play the chords based on various patterns provided in the app. For the NOB/non-keyboard user this and feature suggestion #1 above would make composition a lot easier within Scaler itself.

Let me know what you think (hopefully the request is not too off the wall).

-Hal Snyder

Hi @snyderh01

thanks for the feedback, both suggestions timing/repeat per chord and per slot articulations are part of Scaler2 which is currently in beta. (more info here if you want to try it out: https://forum.scalerplugin.com/page/access-scaler-2-beta/1)

They have been popular requests so there’s now a dedicated screen to edit your progression.