Feature Request - Remote "Listener" VST

I’d like to see an additional “Listener” VST which can be controlled by Scaler. I write orchestral music and would like a quick a easy way to try my composition in new keys and scales. I know that I could sync multiple Scaler instances, but when you have a hundred or more instrument tracks, it becomes a massive draw on resources. A small Listener plugin could solve this. It could just be a list similar to the sync item list. You could then place a Listener plugin on every track and control them from a single instance of Scaler. You could introduce a “transmit” button and once this is pressed all the listener tracks change instantly without the need to use the traditional sync function.

Hi @SteveBark and welcome to the forum. We’ve done well in incorporating a sync that is reliable - there aren’t too many plugs in my collection that do so. Given that, the one main restraint is the one you talk of and the one that keeps forcing us out of the ecosystem. You add a feature, you bemoan the lack of another! This is a very important part of the way forward for scaler. Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback.