Feature Suggestions for 1.7+

Version 1.6

Scaler is one of the most productive plugins in my collection.

I have a couple suggestions for a future version:

Color: Probably mentioned before. Using color to visually separate the sections more clearly. Just a little more contrast.

Preview velocity: Key and Chord previews are at full velocity. Depending on the instrument it could be downright annoying. Option to adjust velocity or disable preview.

Chord Edit: Pressing a piano key will remove note from the chord but will not replace it. Suggest being able to toggle note on/off during edit. Workaround: Trigger chord again.


HI @Greg_Indy

happy to hear Scaler is helping you being productive :slight_smile:

The next updates of Scaler will improve the readability by adding more color-coding and also more contrasting UI elements.

Regarding the velocity, there is a humanization setting that allows you to get nicer sounding chords but Scaler will soon have better support for individual velocity of the notes in each chord.

For the chord edit, you are right it would be nice to toggle from the keyboard directly while editing.

Thanks for the suggestions and for supporting Scaler :wink:

Excellent. The more “performance” orientated Scaler becomes, the better for everyone I’m sure. After all thats where most of us non-virtuoso’s have the most fun.

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Couldn’t agree more. You are going to love Scaler 2. :heart_eyes:

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