Feature suggestions - Support for creating modal interchange

Well first to be clear I was not commenting earlier about what scaler can and can’t do, I am a novice with the product right now. I was only commenting In response to the claims earlier about modulation being the way to handle borrowed chords and modulation being too big of a thing, etc

I am saying that modal interchange is NOT the same as modulation. Modal interchange is much more confined. There are borrowed chords which can be used in a certain way with the right vertical scales such that the sense of key is not changed ot modulated. Generally for songwriting and typical contemporary music that is desirable to maintain that sense of key unless specifically wanting to change keys for dramatic purposes and that is usually a permanent key change that will last for for a while, not a short temporary key change. Modal interchange provides boundaries within which borrowed chords can be used and the sense of key is still not lost.

If a tool provides a pallete with every possible chord in every possible mode, that is not really ideal either, because then you are presenting many chords which WILL NOT retain your sense of key or will have ugly notes in the vertical scales that sound out of key. So a good tool will provide diatonic chords as well as that subset of borrowed chords which still sound in key. And secondary dominant chords are also chords which when used appropriately will sound as if the key has not changed, notwithstanding that chromatic notes outside of the key are present.

A useful tool will provide a containment of in-key chords with proper vertical scales so that a musician can quickly surf around and try not only 7 diatonic chords buy also those specific borrowed and secondary dominant chords which be used while still retaining sense of key, and specifically NOT display all the other chords in the other modes which should not really be modaly interchanged unless you’re working in highly chromatic music that doesn’t have any sense of key.

When I get a chance I will explore the mode feature you mentioned but my impression so far is that a knowledgeable person can find whatever chords they know and want, but for chordal exploration in a way the retains key, I believe the product is still limited. In my view you ought to have 7 or 12 chords going across based on the horizontal scale being used, and then there are borrowed in between chords which makes could be vertically placed but should be highly limited to those which continue the sense of key, thst is true modal interchange.

Then you might consider also the secondary dominants stacked also vertically since they all resolve to one of the chords based on the horizontal scale being used. And all the while certain rules about vertical scales for each one will e sure the sense of key is not destroyed.

Modulation is by definition the destruction of sense of key to something new. Modal interchange is by definition the addition of chromaticism without losing the key center.

Most people using this plugin will in fact desire to be in key, not wander around like wagner.

Noted. I think we have everything you mentioned covered. Maybe not to your specific desire but generally we have a nice middle ground that I feel will suit you and equally the chart topping producers and leading film composers we work closely alongside. Thanks for the feedback.

Are you talking about a beta or future version of scaler? this sounds very interesting, but I don’t see a modulation page in the plug-in right now. But I’m new to scaler and might have overlooked it.

Sorry, I don’t understand that. I see a substitutions button, and I know the create button, but I cannot follow what you describe here. Can you please explain a bit more in detail how to proceed?

I am referring to Scaler 2 and the beta. Sorry I presumed you were involved in the beta. As far as Scaler 1 there is a right click on chord to open up some options for you. Hope that helps.

Cool to see some further discussion was generated in here! I absolutely cannot WAIT to see what the guys have done with v2! I’m gonna use this tool at the center of my songwriting

Well it’s been a long wait, but i absolutely cannot wait to see the fruits of this concept and how it was integrated. I’m gonna buy it without even reading about the features, haha. Will post my impressions here, if they’re wanted? (first of all gotta re-learn how to use it, might take a while)

Hi @Barncore, let me give you an idea from C major scale all 7 modes give you this:

have fun,

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