Feature Suggestions

I play a lot of sounds with a very long attack so when I press the chord button I can’t hear anything because it only lasts for 1 second. This currently can not be changed.
I would like to suggest the option where the chords will play for as long as the button is pressed?
Thank you

This has changed in version 1.2 due for release within a few weeks! Now plays according to button held length!

Would be great if the keys remains blue while the sustain is on. Thanks

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I would like to see the scale highlighting be a little more obvious than the current thin blue strip on the keys.

@Julian, @xtremsounds,

thanks for the feedback we will try to address those suggestions in the next release.

Thanks Edouard,
One more suggestion: Would be nice to be able to enlarge the Detected Scales area because when scrolling with the mouse you actually miss some Chord suggestions between two scrolls. Thanks
Beside that I want to say that Scaler is really great! I love it!

  1. It would be great if we could copy + paste Scale Root, Scale Type and Notes of Scale into our DAWS or into another source (i.e., a document)

  2. Scale lock (like Logic’s Transformer)

Here are some new ones:

  1. Also would it be possible to set the chord step lengths in future editions from 1-32? Just adding a small box and a total of 4 rows of 8 should do it.

  2. Also not sure if I mentioned before but we need the ability to add a bass note to chords.

  3. Instead of setting step length for entire playback. What about assigning a step length to each chord?

  4. Can you include random playback of the loop mode? This could then be used as random chord sequencer

Thanks for the great feedback and ideas,


  • The Detected Scales area will be slightly bigger in the next update to improve readability and navigation.


  • We could make the scale “draggable”. This would copy/paste the scale’s note as midi notes into your DAW or into a midi file if dragged to a folder. Would that work for you ?

  • Scale lock is coming in the next version :slight_smile:


  • We moved the chord duration setting outside of the settings popup in the next update to make it more accessible. At the moment, changing the chords size is probably easier/quicker in your DAW

  • Next update is adding the ability to manually edit any chord, so you will be able to add/remove any note you want.

  • Step length per chord is a bit complicated to add at the moment without cluttering the interface with new buttons and controls.

  • Random playback is something we could do, we need to see if it is something that would benefit many users but I can see how it could be useful for some people.

Thanks for your reply. Re copy + paste, I think it would be useful to copy + paste the actual notes of the scale as they appear in scaler (e.g. C,D,E, F#, etc…) so that if there’s an instrument track in a DAW that does not have Scaler, we can know which notes in the scale to play (via the instrument track title for example) or alternatively have a record of the notes of a scale in a separate document.

Also, any rough ETA on the next version?

@sfgiants thanks for the additional info we will have a look at what we can do.

We are hoping to release the next version in about a month :wink:


I hear you on chord length settings - that is true it is easy to change in the daw.

as far as step length for the entire loop. That would be a simple control setting with a box where the number 1-16 could be entered. Or 1-32 if you add more slots for chords. Then during playback the loop would only go as far as the step number we selected. Very useful feature especially if you ever decide to add random playback. Then I suppose people would want reverse playback as well.

I know that you created this tool to be chord assistant creator. It is great for that. I just thought since it was so close to also being a chord sequencer that a few mods would do that and if advertised as such would open up your product to many more who want that solution as well. But its your product. not mine :slight_smile:

please have a look at this video.

he is talking about modes and compares them, and works out the note of interest of each scale.
like here on the screenshot:

would it be possible to highlight the note of interest of the chosen scale in the onscreen-keyboard please?
could the root note be highlighted too?


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@xtremsounds We have already added the ability to have up to 32 chords per progression in the next version.

I understand your point, Scaler is great to find chords and create progressions and the chord sequencer is here to help you draft things quickly within Scaler. It is not built to be a fully featured sequencer, it has gotten better in the last updates and we will continue to improve it in future version.

@Thala Good idea, this is something we are also thinking about, we are still working on how to display this information to avoid confusing users who are less knowledgeable about the theory side of things while being useful and accessible to the people who need this info.

Another good feature for the settings would be the midi channel output. But not just a single channel option. rather a checkbox toggle for channels 1-16. So that if I have channels 3 and 4 only checked then scaler will send to those midi channels.

Hi in the edit chord mode I would like to see the options for add 7 9 11 13 to any existing chord. I see this feature is available under scales but it would be useful under chord presets as well.

Any chance we can get use of the mouse scroll wheel on drop down menus?

I would also like to see chord variations option available for chord sets not just scales. That would be a big deal!

Hi @xtremsounds

We plan on improving the chord editor to offer suggestion of voicings in a future update, the 7th, 9th… chords could be part of those suggested chords. I think it could be helpful

It’s the first time someone ask for this, I don’t know how useful it could be, personally I have never used the scroll in drop-downs I think… Is it a common feature ?

We plan on adding more chord suggestion in the chord editor as described above, so you will be able to select a chord from a chord set, click “Edit” and find variations and voicings.
Adding suggested chords in the top area would make the interface too complicated, the content in Scaler needs to stay clear and simple so you can always refer to it for a quick inspiration or a starting point.

Those are good ideas, I hope you will like what we are doing… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. Many plugins never implement it. But I love using the scroll mouse over clicking submenus. No big deal if no one else wants it. It wont stop Scaler from working so cool