Film Score Rundowns

This a great site for anyone interested in analysis of film scores. Especially the older classic films like Hitchcock and many others. The analysis is quite detailed for each film. I particularly like the Bernard Herrmann/Hitchcock ones. Score reading is not required but does help.
I’ve had fun taking some Herrmann analysis and translating them to Scaler progressions. It can be a little time heavy but well worth it.
For anyone interested the site FILM SCORE RUNDOWNS
He also has a youtube channel where you can follow along with the score.


ìThe Rainstormî R3/2. Cue #10. Allegro(Molto Agitato) in 2/4 time. [Note:
This cue is a mix of self-borrowing directly from ìFlight(A)î and the ìPreludeî with new
inserted material.

Allegro (Molto Agitato)
he he this can be a reply to people surprised by strange Scaler patterns names…

Molto Agitato is my stage name.

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swallow a chamomile tea before…
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