Find chords according to the melody section

The chords that contain the melodic tones are displayed according to the rhythm of the melodic tones.
Then, let me pick.

Does SCALER have this function now?
Only Am can be chosen now, but maybe some chords are not in Am
Can it be like MOD, there are a lot of them for me to choose.
I can also divide the melody into rhythms to differentiate.
It is also possible that my work steps are wrong.

Hi @swingmix

If I am understanding correctly you are wanting to find chords to add to your progression in section C yet when you select Scale ‘A minor’ it only shows you the chords of ‘A minor’ where you would instead like to explore based on what you have in Section C.

If this is correct you can either try highlighting all your chords in Section C, right-clicking and selecting ‘Detect’ - This will find a scale most suitable to what you have entered in Section C.

Alternatively you can also try selecting ‘suggest mode’ (which is found above the last chord box in your screenshots) and finding chord suggestions based off ‘tonality’ rather than ‘per scale’.

Hope this helps.



your reply helped me a lot, thank you so much!