FIRST Composition With Scaler

Created with Studio One under Windows 10. Used Scaler to develop the Chord Progressions and Melody. Routed them to the new East West “Orchestrator” and “Gold Libraries”. My adventures into Orchestration and Composition BEGINS! :slight_smile:


Thru Heavens Gate


Good music, LightWing Studios. Opus and Orchestrator are great. I have purchased it as a ComposerCloud subscription for a year because I see many possibilities doing what you have done now. Route Scaler’s output with the chords to Orchestrator and play with the ostinatos, ensembles and scores. Fun and practical at the same time. My problem is disk space. This morning I ordered in Amazon a 1TB SSD internal hard drive to put all the EastWest libraries there and really enjoy it. Now it’s a torture to wait for the presets to load

Very nice piece. Well done.

Thank you. It’s a good start. I downloaded ALL the EW Content in a CloudX subscription and it was well over 1.5TB of space on a 2TB SSD. Even at a 200MB Internet connection it took over a day! :slight_smile:

This week I’m going to try something different…

I have a Fishman Triple Play Wireless Midi Controller mounted to a guitar and I’d like to see how well that works playing chords into Scaler which are routed into Opus and Orchestrator.

Sounds crazy but I think it will work! :slight_smile: