First Draft of SCALER 2.3 patch library for PluginGuru's UNIFY 1.4

Per my post in the PluginGuru forum…

Unifying Scaler 2 under way


Cross-posting my little intro video here…

And another, just a quiet walkthrough, no talk, just playing sounds.

Scaler 2 Unify Patch Examples - Just Sound No Talk - YouTube

If anybody has thoughts on how to better present this, I am open to suggestions to make this more relevant and useful.


Great job collecting all those presets, Bernd
One question: I have Unify Demo. Can I use those Scaler presets with the Unify Demo version?

Doesn’t look like the free Unify version allows you to load custom patches, per PluginGuru’s website…

I understand. I will have to buy it, of course. I was already thinking about doing it when they made the BBC library and now with this compilation of Scaler presets I will have no excuse
For next month’s shopping list, hehe

Hi @Bernd do you have an idea if ScalerControl2 works, too, as a plugin before a VST? I am new to Unify but I can’t get it to work.

Hi @giacecco , I am not using ScalerControl2, I think that is an AU workaround for DAWs that don’t support VSTs. I use VSTs on the Windows PC platform. So I am not sure I can reproduce your issue. But if you post more details, perhaps some of the other Mac users might chime in?

I must be tired because I read PenguinGuru…

If you ever get tired of the Rabbit Composer meme, you could adopt PenguinGuru instead :wink:

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I looove PenguinGuru!

My possible nicknames are increasing now: for example Mouse Composer (with the further animal pun involved :rofl:) as opposed to keyboard composer, Haunt Composer as opposed to Bedroom Composer, etc.

Unfortunately I need to confirm that ScalerControl2 is not working. I have tried Unify with another “note FX”: Xfer Chthulu, and that works fine… but no MIDI seems to “come out” of ScalerControl2 . Will post something in the support section of the forum.

… and a workaround had been found already, here