Fit Chord to Current Scale

Greetings. I’d like to suggest a function to make any chord fit into the currently selected scale by automatically transposing the notes that are out of scale in the chord to the nearest scale tones. It could be added to the chord contextual menu so that any chord(s) out of scale could be turned diatonic with just two clicks, as opposed to having to do it manually.

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By integrating this feature into the chord contextual menu, users could effortlessly ensure that their chord progressions remain diatonic with just a couple of clicks. This would not only save time but also encourage experimentation with different harmonic possibilities within the constraints of a chosen scale. Implementing such a function would definitely streamline the music composition process and make it more intuitive for users to stay within the desired tonal framework. Great suggestion!

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I think that’s a very good idea, but I think it should be easily toggled on and off for situation where you didn’t want them transposed.

I might have something in aeolian mode which goes Am - A7 - Dm which sounds fine to me against that mode if the A7 is passing. It seems to me a bit like a similar situation you play a passing flat 5 in aeolian to add a bluesy vibe that ‘scale lock’ on my controller blocks out if I use it.

But yes, I support this proposal as being very useful.

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Interesting, it’s on of those trial and error things. How does it work across the board and is it worth the investment of time over other features. I do like the idea though and it could be really nice. Thanks for the suggestion have added it to our roadmap.


That’s amazing Davide. Not sure how hard it’ll be to implement, but at least for me, it’s going to be an invaluable addition. Thanks.

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For my use, this feature is a plugin inside my DAW, in my case called “Key Filter” and I add it before an instance of Scaler and it does exactly as you suggest. In fact I can transpose keys, and shift an entire key or scale by single steps (semitones).

Obviously depends on individual use of course - you may be using Scaler as a standalone. I simply address your comment by saying that this feature is already a part of most DAWs.

My DAW, Ableton, also has a function to make notes fit into scales but… one: the scales are way fewer than the set of scales that scaler offers, and two: you can only fit the notes once they have been recorded into the DAW.

If I was happy with the way ‘most DAWs’ handle chords and scales I wouldn’t be using Scaler in the first place.

fair comment, but

I use Bitwig, and by placing the key filter before my Scaler instance, I can have the filtering applied even as I play on the midi keyboard. There’s no need for anything to be already recorded.

And, again as simple matters of preference… I see a DAW as a sufficiently sophisticated mixing and mastering tool, and NOT as a composer’s workshop. I’m not sure I really understand what you mean when saying “the way most DAWs handle chords…” as they only respond to user input surely? If you play a particular chord, or notes of a certain scale, the software will respond.

I know almost nothing about music theory or chords, hence why I’m here. But were I able to play piano and have accompanying theory, I’d never need Scaler in the first place :slight_smile:

I don’t quite master the keyboard when it comes to composing advanced music on the fly, that’s why I rely on software to write my music. What I mean is that Scaler is far better at assisting with harmony and music theory than any other software I know, but there’s still room for improvement, hence this feature request.

That’s great that Bitwig allows you to do that; Ableton has made a massive leap forward with regards to MIDI and scales management in the latest version, but it’s not there yet, and for what I’ve seen, no DAW in the market gets even close to what Scaler offers in this regards, so I’m stuck with it until DAWs like Ableton catch up or until I manage to master the keyboard.