FL Studio Crash after re-opening Scaler 2 on OS X


I had FL Studio crash on opening Scaler 2 that was minimized (after having using Kick 2).
Not sure which one was causing the access violation.

Full report in attachment.

How am I supposed to report a crash when the message body is small and I cannot upload a .txt with the crash stack… ?

Hi @KleineMerel

thanks for reporting, could you send the report to me via email please: ed@tonicbits.com

Hi Ed1,

IMHO, this seems to be the same issue we are having with other DAWs as reported 9d ago here: Scaler 2 Upgrade from Scaler 1 Crash On Studio One

Thank you for any solution or workaround you can provide. I’m planning to purchase when there’s a fix.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, today I uninstalled the Version 2.06 using Windows 10’s Control Panel, and I ran the Version 2.07 on Studio One 4 and on Ableton Live 10 but NO VST’s image! Now them are dark! Still the issues.

Just to say, that it run well on AKAI’s MPC.

My most humble apologies, the crash applied to Scaler 1…
I’ll surely report any crashed on the new one…