[ FL Studio ] Drag & drop differents chords in the piano roll?


I would like to know how drag and drop differents chord in the same piano roll because when I drag & drop a new chord the previous one is replaced :confused:


Hi @jharax

this is the behavior of the piano roll in FL Studio it seems, the best is to use the progression builder in Scaler to layout your progression and re-export the whole thing by dragging onto the piano roll.



Thanks you our answer

The problem is that I cannot make any modifications about the tempo or even anything related to the chords, piano roll will be able to give me the full control on that thing but it’s impossible with Scaler it’s make me very frustrated to use this vst…

Do you know when you will fix this problem ?

@jharax There are some things the developers can’t control - like how DAW manufacturers implement drag and drop functionality. It’s not a fix that is possible on our end. I suggest you get in touch with FL and suggest it to them as we and hundreds of others have done. The easy workaround in the interim is to do what Ed suggested. Same result so it’s a good workaround.