FMaj appears in Gmaj

In G major, the beginning is normal.
In the middle, Fmaj feels sublimated
A lot of pop songs have this pause.
But I don’t know what the law is, how to find this Fmaj, is it GmixoLYDIAN MODE?
PATTERN1 and PATTENR4 are normal, that is, 2 and 3 are inserted very nicely.

F is the IV in C, it is lydian in C
pattern 3 is in C, D is mixolydian modulate back in G
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The D in pattern 3 itself belongs to G, which is easy to understand.

The F in the key pattern 2, I really don’t know why. Ha ha

It could be but doesn’t have to be. If you’re using only major chords and no seventh or extended chords then the key can be ambiguous.

In general, when I see two major chords a whole step apart, F Major to G Major my first association is when them functioning as IV and V chords in the Major Scale. However, you also use D Major, the V of G Major, so perhaps the Key center is more around G Major.

One of the great things about Scaler is that it is easy to play a chord and use a different scale to create melodies or other parts.

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Fmaj here to give the whole music a break, this is the feeling