Follower Suggest doesn't follow the Leader Suggest

Hi there

I just noticed that strange behaviour

load these 2 Scalers
Scaler-State piano.xml (13.0 KB)

Scaler-State flute.xml (13.3 KB)

The 1st is the accompaniment, the 2nd drives the soloist

Now, put both in sync, so the soloist has the same chords, and can use the Keys-Lock green keys: so far all is fine

Now use Suggest in the Leader, and you’ll see that the Follower icon is off, and nothing else happens (the Follower keeps its old chords) :thinking:

Now use Suggest in the Follower, and it will use the first chord of the Leader only… :upside_down_face:

There is a way to use Suggest in the Leader and have the Follower still active and using the same chords of the Leader?

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

just tested here and I was able to use the suggest without losing the sync. While the sync is active I was able to drag chords or fill the pattern and the follower replicated the changes from the leader.

Changes in the follower instance can turn off the sync, creating a pattern or editing a chord will get the follower to stop syncing. Make sure the follower is still in sync before starting the suggest mode in the leader.

Changes in the Leader using suggest resulted in updates on the Follower. You cannot make changes in the Follower and have the Leader change. That is not at all what it is designed to do. Leader leads - Follower Follows Leader.

this is not was I said… or I said it badly :thinking:

I said that I use Suggest in the Leader, and the Follower doesn’t change accordingly, and it de-syncs also

I’ll repeat the test another day

You said it right here. In any event I tried
Using suggest in the Leader changed a couple chords and Follower updated and sync still active. That was in Bitwig.

I suspect that this works if you D&D or move chords…

If you just click on Suggest, then click on Fill or Replace maybe it doesn’t work

I’ll re-test it tonight