Force Loop On mode repeats progression when DAW is not looping

A great way to develop material is to play atop a looped chord progression. But if you are using a DAW you’ll need to setup miltitake mode rather than recording in a linear stream.

If the DAW is the master and not looping at the same number of measures, Scaler won’t lopp correctly.

So why not allow Scaler to force looping behavior based on its own progression (independent of the DAW) with a switch so its loop instructions remain in effect even if the DAW is looping differently. Force Loop Local or Follow Local Loop?

I’m no expert, but couldn’t this be done by filtering out the MIDI song position pointer so it would blind Scaler to that info and allow it to march to its own drummer so to speak?

I like you’re thinking and we are headed there but not in the current format. Looping is being improved in 2.1 but not to that extent.