Force patterns in a preferred octave range

I mentioned this issue here

the problem cannot be fixed within Scaler, because ranges cannot be changed

nor using the Ableton’s rack Octave remapper

nor using a MIDI pitch tool, nor the MIDI Polysher mentioned by Jamieh

the reason is that notes above, or below, a certain range are blocked, at the point their progression is ruined, so ruining the whole Phrase, Melody, Expression etc.

I think that some AI could be required: an algorithm that grabs the notes that would fall in the forbidden range and move them in the allowed range, but keeping them in the appropriate musical (math) rules, not simply randomly

I don’t know if I explained it correctly…

Technically this is not a problem that needs fixed because it’s not broken. Scaler is behaving exactly as it should - playing a phrase of music as it was played by an artist. So what you would like is to change that behavior which in fact changes what it was designed to do. You can do this manually of course but that’s time consuming. I do understand what you are saying but again, scaler is not broken in its function. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I totally agree with it
and this is why the post is in the Feature suggest area, not in the Bug Reports one…