Free Kontakt Jampacks at Soundprops

I stumbled across these free Kontakt instruments at Soundprops yesterday and I have to say they sound really good. Especially given that they are free. They seem to be cut down versions of some of the full sound packs but I think they could be very useful for those on a budget. Oh and they’re free. :grin:
You’ll need Kontakt 6 or higher to use them.

Check them out here…

Hi Jamieh
I dwnloaded these and I can’t get them to run. I’m on Kontakt 6.6.1 Full (the min required version) but I get a popup saying I need a newer version. How did you get on with this install?

I did fine but I was already running a newer version. They sound very good. I’ll check and see if I have 6.6.1 and try it again when I get back home.

Hi Jamieh. I emailed them last night for a response. I’ll see what they say. Thank you for your reply.

Good luck. Earliest I have is 6.7.1 so I can’t check for earlier.

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I found an archived 6.6.1 and ran that. It said the same thing as yours — to old. Maybe update to 6.7.1. It runs great on my system.

Just an update on this. I’ve had a reply from Soundprops and it does indeed need Kontakt 6.7.1 or above. They apologised and have changed the details on their page!:blush: