'Freestyle' bound chords playing Midi Capture out of sync

When I started using Scaler back at version 1, I was using it to create chord patterns but I was triggering chords playing freestyle in tempo with a drum track. The midi notes were of course just triggers for the bound chords. I would usually then send them to a VSTi

Since Scaler 2 and the performances I’ve used those mostly to create patterns and sets of changes. But today I decided I wanted to freestyle the chords again - chose a chord set and then playing the drum track in Ableton with record armed on the Scaler track but using Midi Capture to get the actual notes and expression to drop onto a VSTi track. However each time I do this despite me playing in time triggering the chords, the chord sequence (actual notes from the Midi Capture + Drag) are totally out of sync.
If I don’t record midi capture and drag but just as I used to do in Scaler 1 trigger the chords in real time and record only the trigger notes into the Scaler channel on Live, everything is time but I don’t have the notes and expressions to edit.

Then I wondered if it needed sync with DAW on, but that forces the ‘pattern’ (in reality just my chosen bunch of chords bound in the C section) to play also.

I can’t work out how to get around this:

I would have thought that recording the MIDI Capture in a Live session should follow the session tempo (that I’m playing to as well).

Thoughts? Thanks!