Fretboard 1) Colour the exact note position you used 2) Printer friendly option

EDIT: To lend a bit of weight to these two requests, I realised after posting that they are both basically just theming issues. I hope that will make them much easier to implement than other requests which are asking for programming changes and extra functionality. :slight_smile:

As a beginner guitarist/musician, Scaler introduces me to a world of chords and fingerings I would never have imagined by myself within my own limited knowledge and skill. My songs are now much more rich and complicated to play - way above my actual level of theory and understanding. So I need a way to remember and relearn the new fingerings I’m using in the songs days or weeks after writing them. Unfortunately the fretboard view is not helping.

When you enter a chord on the ‘chord’ screen on the piano view, you can see exactly what notes you input with brown coloured notes (and blue once you mouseover or click the chord button).

But with the fretboard display, it shows lots of equal notes across the whole fretboard in brown, and you have to guess which fingering you used when you look back at a song. You need go to the piano display to see the exact notes you used, but then you have to work out the fingering by ear rather than just looking at the fretboard diagram.

So on the fretboard, please could guitarists have just the actual notes we entered coloured brown like the piano, and the unison-notes and scale-notes other colours (the current two shades of blue is fine)?

Not only will the above colouring be a benefit while working, but it will become our ‘accurate’ chord diagram library (the actual chord diagram feature falls short of being useful, because it shows only basic, open fingerings, not what we are actually playing).

To this end, could you add a choice to turn the fretboard white with black note names (of just the notes played) and perhaps something like grey unison-notes and scale-notes, to act as a printer friendly chord diagram. We could then use a snipping tool to screenshot each chord fingering and insert it into our song sheets.

Thanks for considering these changes.