Fretboard and guitar requests

Hello! New Scaler user here and have been digging into using it from the string instrument side of things and have a few suggestions based on using it as a midi composing tool to be eventually played on a live instrument:

  1. Have an option to see all 24 frets (or make that number custom also). A big utility of the fretboard is as a visual aid making sure I’m not composing things that are physically impossible to play and I am playing a 6 string bass where leads and chords are very high on the neck, 16 frets isn’t enough to see that.

  2. Have an option to color code the notes on the fretboard to clearly distinguish each interval of the chord being played, instead of all being blue, so the root is one color, the third another, the fifth, etc. It is very hard to read at a glance when it’s a sea of blue. Someone also mentioned switching to circular shapes over the fret itself which I agree would improve readability.

  3. Differentiate the current note being played on the fretboard with a different color when using a keyboard with “keys lock” on. Currently it displays the “real” note I am playing along with all the chord notes that are sounding, which is confusing in “white keys” mode since the fretboard is then displaying an incorrect note that looks like the others.

  4. An option for making the note/chord detection display much bigger. This is good, educational information to have when playing on a keyboard but it’s very tiny and squinty, would love a way to increase its display size.

  5. Total custom user defined tuning support.

That’s all I have right now. Thanks for making such a great tool and looking forward to developments in 2024!

Hey @bandCPU and thanks for feedback. All noted we will have a look internally thanks for making the effort.