Fretboard Display, 2 asks, 1) latch note display on, 2) round circles rather than boxes

  1. Fretboard Latch On note display.

The bound chord with Fretboard highlights the chord’s notes until the chord is released. I’d prefer the notes to remain highlighted until a new chord is played even after the bound note is released.

This would make it easier to workout and learn new chords when working at the DAW with the Guitar in hand. (My current work method is to simply loop the chord part which works, but isn’t as convenient at times.)

  1. Round Circles rather than boxes.

This is a graphics nicety but I think would make Scaler feel a little more “friendly.” Rather than rectangular boxes for chord tones, if they were displayed as little round circles it would make the fretboard look more Standard Chord diagrams. This is a ‘what if,’ not essential but I think it would improve the look/feel of the Fretboard.



I love this idea. I’m also a guitarist.

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A fan of Leo Kottke, I suppose :slight_smile:


Yes sir! I’m a fingerstyle fan no doubt. Leo, Don Ross, Andy McKee are my favorites.

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