From Scaler to Music Sheet?

Can Scaler transcribe notes from the guitar to a music sheet?

Assuming you have the notes in midi form and have ported them to a DAW, then this will depend on your DAW; many have staff printing capabilities, in which case the answer would be yes.

It’s worth noting that you can download Cakewalk from BandLab for free, and you can import midi and print the staff view directly.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll check this out…

Ooops, posted something to the wrong topic …

My answer would be no. Scaler isn’t transcription software, per se. Scaler will detect basic chords from a MIDI or audio file, but it will not transcribe a melody line.

Other suggestions in the thread are, of course, fine to try. If you want transcription as such, I’d work with software designed for that. There are some good packages out there but I still think manuscript paper and pencil may be best.

Scaler is very good at what it does, but it is not a jack of all trades nor should it be, imho.

According to Yorkeman,

Cakewalk, Reaper (and I think Cubase too) have a built-in score editor. Although the capabilities of these score editors are quite limited in general, in the same way that score editors don’t have sounds like DAWs.
In my way of work I usually pass midis that I have worked in Reaper to edit them in an old version of Sibelius 6.2 (which is the one I have a license for), but you can also edit quite well in the free version of Musecore.
The limitations when importing midi files into the score editors are quite a few. When importing the midi there, a dialog box will normally appear in which you will have to choose several options. The main one is the duration of the notes. Do not put durations too short because a very confusing score may appear, which you will have to edit with a lot of work. It is my recommendation; you test. When you are working in the DAW you have to think about quantizing well because if you do not take it to the score editor you will have much more work. But if what you want to print are only chords with long durations, I will tell you that they usually do that quite well almost always

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Cubase has complex, but good Score Editor. I use it to look at the music, but find editing MIDI is usually easier in the MIDI editor.

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